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Infopages Malaysia is one of the leading Malaysia business directory online. You can find & submit your classified listing & trade directory online. All listing are categorized into Agriculture, Apparel, Textiles, Clothing & Accessories, Automotive, Air Compressors, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Accounting Services, Chemical Industry, Computers,  Information Technology, Internet, Construction, Environmental Engineering, Education, Electronics, Electrical Appliances, Entertainment, Premium Goods & Gift, Food Processing & Packaging, Hardware & Accessories, Health & Beauty, Home Furnishing & Decor, Industrial, Industrial Automation & Control, Machine Tools, Machinery & Equipment, Media, Printing & Publication, Medical & Health Industry, Office Automation, Equipment & Supplies, Oil & Gas Industry, Lubricants, Packaging, Palm Oil, Plastic, Rubber, Mould & Die, Safety & Security, Sports & Recreation, Telecommunication Equipment & Services, Transportation & Logistics, Travel & Tourism and etc etc....


About Infopages
The global economic tsunami brings forth a multitude of challenges especially in the business sector. Different people hold different opinions as to whether the commercial turmoil is over. However, what remains a certainty is that we must not halt our efforts to progress at this juncture. We are confident that the valuable experiences accrued from all these will auger well for the future!

Thorough and in-depth dissemination of our clients’ information has always been our prime concern, as without that, all else will be worthless! In 2011/12, distribution areas of Infopages will be seeing a new milestone! Apart from the current large, medium, small commercial zones in Peninsula Malaysia; Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Labuan in Sabah and Kuching, Miri in Sarawak, we will be extending our coverage area to Singapore, adding value to your business! We believe that distribution over a wider area will bring positive impact to your business. The most in-depth information distribution will offer our clients the widest advertising advantage!

Infopages : Mission and Vision
• Strengthen our client's business growth and opportunities
• Maximise the advertising synergy and visibility
• Create greater usability among business operators
• Provide higher interaction among market players
• Continue searching the most comprehensive information to business communities while ensuring data integrity


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